Ever have trouble grabbing your students’ attention?

It might be when you need to make an important point, to transition into a new activity or part of the lesson, or to get your students back on track.

During these moments, if you can’t quickly get your students’ attention, it can be easy to revert into a “stereotypical teacher” who:

• Always says SHH!

• Tells the class you’ll keep them after school until they listens

• Stands in silence with a mean look on his/her face

• Or worse, raises his or her voice to compete with them

We’ve all done it. Well, at least I have… I’m so sorry to say it!

Maintaining student attention is an important classroom management strategy that helps limit distraction, maintains student engagement and maximises each minute of classroom instruction and learning.

Here are 3 ways to easily grab your students’ attention (by barely saying a word)….


Simply say “when you can hear me knock on your desk!” Wait, then, “when you can hear me raise your hand.” Lastly say “when you can hear me point at me.” Do this process slowly, without raising your voice. As more students see or hear what’s taking place, they’ll knock, snap and point as well. In a short few moments, you will respectfully have the majority of your classes’ attention.


Have an important point to make? Instead of raising your voice to emphasis it, lower it to grab your students’ attention. For example you can say –

“The most important thing I want you to remember is…” and pause. Then say the statement in almost a whisper. Students will lean in and get quiet to hear what you have to say.


When students are working on something, invite them to stand when they’re done. As more students start standing, the rest of the class will see it’s time to finish up and will stand. Once everyone is standing, move on to the next item.

We’re cheering you on,
William and UL team!


What’s your best tips for easily grabbing your students’ attention?  

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