I can’t believe I never thought of this before.

Until this interview I never considered the importance of this topic!

As a former high school teacher, looking back, friendship issues often disrupted student learning and engagement.  

But I never directly addressed it.

After speaking to Dana Kerford- Founder UR STrong, I want to turn back time (cue the Cher music!) and bring these skills to my former high school students.

That’s why I want you to meet her too.

If you or your learning community are looking for ways to strengthen student engagement, this interview is for you.

We’re cheering you on!

William and Team Unleash Learning

PS – Want to listen to our interview as a podcast?  Click → here to get it


What’s your main takeaway from our discussion?  Please add your comments below!


  • Sadaf Haider Khan says:

    That was so simple and profound! Th no you Wiliam and Dana. I agree with Wiliam we see it all the time but we never really think about it. I also now know that if I have students struggling with mental health issues, a huge part of it will be the relationships they re trying to deal with and so if I can ensure that they have a supportive group of friends in my classroom then at least I am offering a cushion where perhaps there is none. Thankyou so much, Dama. Will use friendship meter and friendship fires and will check your website too. Many thanks guys! Stay blessed! X

  • Doug Williams says:

    Thank you!
    Simple but very important message that we oftentimes don’t address with our students.
    I appreciate that you both connected this to student engagement.
    We are focusing on increasing engagement as one of our district goals.

    I am going to share this with my teachers.

    I am anticipating their questions, and I think they might ask about HOW to teach conflict resolution.
    Any tips…books…curriculum…etc.?

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