One of my favourite teachers was Mrs. Hoffman.

She was my high school science teacher.

I remember her not just because how hard her class was (it was!) or how much I learned (a lot), but I remember her because of how she made me feel.

In her classroom I felt safe, supported, positive and open to learning.

Her classroom was filled with plants, live animals, inspiring posters and a decade old, unwrapped Twinkie that sat a shelf (she was making a point about processed foods!).

Mrs. Hoffman strategically primed our classroom to unleash learning for all of us.

You can do the same.

In my interview with Dr. Suzy Green, you’ll learn the emotions that Mrs. Hoffman used and the science behind them.

If you’ve worked with us at Unleash Learning, you know that your classroom is a key that unleashes learning.

We hope this interview helps you find additional ways to prime it with positivity.

Here’s to Mrs. Hoffman and teachers just like you who are unleashing learning!


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What do you do to boost positive emotions at your school or in your classroom?  Click on the comments below ↓ and add your wisdom????!

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