If you’re looking to create a distraction-free classroom, there’s an Unleash Learning™ key we want to share with you. 

It’s a key that not only limits distraction but can also help you boost student engagement. Your students don’t even need to know about it!

That key is your classroom. 

That’s why I’m excited for you to meet Brendan Tuckerman.

Brendan is a science teacher who has been involved with Unleash Learning™.

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In our discussion, you’re going to learn the following:

  • The system he uses to setup his classroom
  • How seating plans are impacting student engagement
  • His unique approach to using tables and chairs that we think you’ll want to replicate

When set up strategically, your classroom creates the environment that unleashes learning. 

We’re cheering you on!
William and the UL team


Do you use a seating plan and what are the benefits for you? Please add your answer below and help inspire others.

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  • Em says:

    In my last practical class the teacher who was working with me used a seating plan of six groups of four tables with one student who performed below average, one above, and two at average so that we could ask the students to pair up with their shoulder partners (the students who were above average were paired with the student below average, and the two students at average) at each table to peer teach and support each other. This practice increased students collaborative learning and enabled the students who were below level to be provided with one-on-one support, even when we could not support them. This seating plan also provided differentiation for students who were above level as they were able to process the information to explain and model to other students.

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