How to Unleash Learning – Class of 2019


How to Unleash Learning is a 7-week online program for proficient teachers who want to strengthen their teaching & learning practices, increase their effectiveness, and be the teacher students never forget.

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NSW Teachers

Completing Unleash Learning – The Online Program will contribute 15 hours of QTC Registered PD  addressing 1.3.2, 2.1.2, 3.2.2, 3.5.2, 4.1.2, 4.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.


Whether you’ve been teaching for 5 or 35 years, How to Unleash Learning will help you:

  • Boost student engagement
  • Clarify your unique teaching vision
  • Create a quality learning environment
  • Harness student diversity, prior knowledge and classroom inclusivity
  • Create PowerPoint slides and resources that improve learning outcomes
  • Streamline your preparation process
  • Focus and better prioritise your time
  • Strengthen student collaboration and connectedness
  • Master the 3 parts of any learning session
  • Eliminate many of your consistent classroom challenges


  • 2 x 1 free Group Q&A webinars with Dr William DeJean
  • Classroom Observation Checklist you can use for years to come
  • Follow-up coaching call with Dr. William DeJean

Program Timeline

  • 11 March, 2019 –  Module 1 released
  • 18 March,2019 –  Module 2 released
  • 25 March, 2019 – Catch-up week
  • 25 March, 2019 @ 7.00pm – Group Zoom Call
  • 1 April, 2019 – Module 3 released
  • 8 April, 2019 – Module 4 released
  • 15 April, 2019 – Catch-up week
  • 16th April, 2019 @ 3.30pm – Group Zoom Call
  • 29 April, 2019 – Program Closes

What Others Say

‘This course has made me explore and examine how I go about teaching my classes and how I can change them to ensure that all students are able to grow and learn though the teaching process by making some adjustments to how I teach my lessons.’

Elise Brown, Wyong High School

‘I think the biggest impact it had on me was helping me to let go of the control in the classroom and hand more of the work over to the students, getting them to lift the weights. They are the ones who need to be working hard during the sessions. It has given me techniques to do this as well as the confidence that this is the right thing to do and not feel guilty if I’m not the one working the hardest.’

Eryn Watt, Murrayville Community College

It gave me a perspective on what is important in my teaching and how to prioritise learning so students can lift the weights to maximise impact.

Ross Johnson
Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College, Tumbi Umbi Campus
HT information/ I.T. Manager

I have learnt a heck of a lot from this course. At times, I feel as a teacher that I can get comfortable with doing things my way and sticking by them. I now believe you need to challenge yourself and use different strategies to unleash learning for everyone.

Joshua Dench
Copperfield College


Who’s the program for?
If you’re a NSW teacher at the proficient level who wants to support consistent & effective teaching for every student you work with, this program is for you. If you’re not a NSW teacher, you’ll welcome to take the course.

How was the course developed?
How To Unleash Learning is an evidence-based program. It reflects my 25 years in the teaching & learning profession and comes from classes I taught, research I conducted and expertise that exists in the field.

How long does it take to complete the program?
15 hours over a 6 week period. I recommend you schedule about 2.5 hours per week to complete the program.

How’s the program organised?
You’ll watch short videos and use the information to complete a series of Action Sheets which you’ll upload into the system to show completion.

How’s the program paced?
Please refer to the program timeline above.

Can I get all the modules at once?
The program has been carefully designed to space out the modules in timed sequences. Graduates of the program tell us that this pacing helped them process the materials and in many cases, test it out on their students in real time.

How long will I have access to the program?
From Module 1 release date, until as approx. 2 weeks following the Module 4.

What are the requirements for NESA certification?
This program is accredited for teachers at the Proficient level only. At registration, you’ll need to submit your NESA (BOSTES) teacher accreditation number. You’re required to complete all Action Sheets and upload them into the program. Once the program is completed, we’ll contact NESA and report your 15 hours. All Modules must be completed within the timeframe to credit.

What’s the refund policy?
You have 7 days from date of purchase to receive a refund, minus a small administration fee. Outside of the 7 days, please contact us to discuss.

What’s the difference between the virtual program and the blended program?
The virtual program is designed for teachers to take individually. The blended program is designed for schools to take and includes face-to-face session facilitated by Dr. William DeJean (or a member of his team). For information on the blended program, please contact me.

What are the technical requirements for the program?
You’ll need a computer and high-speed internet access.

Who has access to the Action Sheets?
Dr. William DeJean or a member of his team will be the only people who have access to them.  If you are taking the program for NESA accreditation, we will review your Action Sheets to ensure you’ve completed the program successfully.

Can I show the videos to my team or distribute the Action Sheets to my colleagues?
No. I truly believe you’ll want to share the knowledge with this course with others, yet the program is designed only for individuals or groups to take as it’s designed. Please read the copyright agreement when you begin taking the program.