How to create trauma-informed strengths-based classrooms

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I wonder if this Unleash Learning TV interview on how to create a trauma-informed strengths-based classroom…

….will cause you to see some of your students, learners, participants or team members in a different light? I know it did for me.

In fact, as I spoke with Dr. Tom Brunzell, Director of Education at Berry Street, I kept thinking…

….I wish I had known this stuff so much earlier in my career!

Whether you’re a classroom teaching, presenters, trainer or run professional learning, this episode will help you ↓

  • Get a definition of trauma that I think you’re going to love
  • Understand the needs of learners who’ve experienced trauma
  • See what COVID lockdowns mean for learners who’ve experienced trauma
  • Know stuff →  YOU that can support learners with trauma.

Plus, you can get a FREE copy of Dr. Brunzell’s new book.

After you’ve watched the episode, jump over the comment’s section, and join the discussion.

If your response is picked as “best comment” by our teamwe’ll mail you a copy of his book, FREE, wherever you are in the world.

Want to make learning stick for everyone?

Then, this episode is for you!

I’m cheering you on!
Dr. William DeJean

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