Team training that stays with you – teaching you to make learning sticky for others.

Create momentum that lasts

Here’s the deal. Short term professional development doesn’t work.

But magic happens when a common system is unleashed throughout an entire learning community.

Your team can come together with:

  • A common language
  • A shared understanding
  • A renewed passion for high quality teaching and training.

Unleash Learning™ will help you create a self-sustaining and self-organising team – who will stick at it for the long haul.

Unleashing learning (that changes the world)

Learning that sticks can transform a person’s life and help our world get better.

This teaching and learning framework is for your team if you:

  • Are open to new and innovative approaches
  • Believe that education can change a person’s life for the better
  • Care about excellence in training, teaching and learning
  • Have education content you believe in, but still struggle to make learning stick for everyone.

Over 10 years, the program has been shown to work for businesses and organisations big and small including:

  • Schools
  • Government departments
  • Professional development teams
  • Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

Let’s get nerdy.
(Leaning into the research)

We’ve come a long way from the days of chalkboards and
overhead projectors. People have dedicated their lives to
understanding how humans learn – and we are
benefiting from their research.

The evidence is clear. Good education doesn’t happen by accident.

Intentional and planned-for learning engagement
is what makes learning stick.
And there are specific actions educators and learners need
to take
to make it happen.

The learning actions you’ll get from this program are
informed by leading research in:

● Neuroscience
● Education of Literacy
● The psychology of learning
● Inter-cultural education
● Child and adolescent development.

See the Principal (of our learning principles)

Unleash Learning™ Founder, Dr. William DeJean

Dr William DeJean, is a Doctor Education – which is really just a fancy name for someone who knows his stuff.

Over the past 25 years, William has helped thousands of educators learn how to make learning stick.

William started out as a high school teacher in San Diego, where he was named Teacher of the Year among 26,000 teachers.

He’s taught at universities in the US and Australia and is an internationally recognised researcher. A sought-after keynote speaker, William has presented at TEDX Canberra, Young Minds and Happiness and Its Causes.

Unleash Learning participants often describe William as “knowledgeable, playful and approachable”. Turns out these are excellent attributes for someone in professional development.

William lives in Sydney and travels internationally to teach Unleash Learning™ (when COVID permits).