What’s Unleash Learning?

Unleash Learning™ is a teaching and learning system that boosts student engagement and creates consistent and effective teaching for every student in every classroom.

Unleash Learning™ –

  • Boosts student engagement
  • Maximises student learning
  • Supports educator effectiveness
  • Promotes social inclusive in all classrooms
  • Inspires the entire school.

About the Founder

“Learning, when it’s unleashed, can positively impact a person’s life and help our world get better.” – Dr William DeJean

Dr William DeJean has been working for over 25 years in the teaching and learning profession and has helped thousands of teachers, principals and educational leaders unleash learning for all the students they work with.

William began his career as a high school teacher and was named teacher of the year among 26,000 teachers in San Diego County.  He has taught at universities in the United States and Australia and is an internationally recognised researcher and a sought after key note speaker, having presented at TEDX Canberra, Young Minds and Happiness and It’s Causes.

William created Unleash Learning ™ because no matter where he went he saw the same challenges taking place and found himself providing educators with the same evidence-based solutions to these problems. He lives in Sydney, Australia.

About the Team

The Unleash Learning™ team works throughout Australia and the United States.  Our team is made-up of educational experts who provide principals, teachers and schools with the tools to unlock effective teaching for every student in every classroom.


I feel that this has been an invaluable PD program for me and my staff. I have seen so many of the strategies implemented and the discussion around unleashing learning has given me confidence that the program will make a real difference to the students in my school.

Natasha MudiePrincipal Murrayville Community College Murrayville, Victoria

Unleash Learning brings out the best in all students utilising practical, effective approaches, drawing on the psychology of learning and the hearts, minds and spirit of what it means to educate.

Shayne PlayerTuggerah Lakes Secondary College 2013 Australian Secondary Principal of the Year

I would encourage any school that is working on improving student engagement as a means to improving learning to seek Unleash Learning’s support. Their sessions are interesting, engaging and very applicable in the classroom the very next day.

David HollandPrincipal Cardiff South Public School

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