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50% of new teachers leave the profession in their first 5 years – often due to stress.

With COVID only adding to the pressure, it’s clear we need a system that supports them.

Teaching tools that transform

The New Teacher Companion is a self-paced, interactive program that sets educators up for career success. It’s professional development for teachers, online.

The program introduces a simple system for learner engagement that supports: 

• Induction
• Retention
• High quality teaching and learning.

A teaching and learning framework that:

Maintains your wellbeing whilst increasing your effectiveness.
Quickly sets up an inspiring classroom where students want to learn – whether online or face-to-face.
Inspires student engagement and minimises behaviour management challenges.
Celebrates the diversity of your students and supports their inclusion.
Quickly connects with your students and creates a classroom of belonging.
Streamlines the prep process and maximises effective lesson plan design.

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Create a Community of New Teacher Success

This is more than an online program. You’ll also get our free Mentor Manual that provides step-by-step instructions for your mentors or instructional leaders.

Your school will gain a system for:

• Effective implementation
• Successful mentoring
• Creating a community that supports new teacher success.

Supporting teachers through accreditation

The New Teacher Companion is a perfect tool to help teachers collect evidence for the accreditation process.

The program is mapped to:

• The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
• The California Standards for the Teaching Profession

What People Are Saying

Our new teachers are talking about how they are designing learning opportunities for students to be active participants, and that they are watching student engagement and participation increase as a result.

Julie BennettInduction Resource Teacher, San Diego City Schools

I feel that this has been an invaluable PD program for me and my staff. I have seen so many of the strategies implemented and the discussion around unleashing learning has given me confidence that the program will make a real difference to the students in my school.

Natasha MudiePrincipal, Murrayville Community College

I am noticing that when I use Unleash Learning™ strategies, all the students show up on the day of the test.

Kathryn RalphHead of Mathematics, Kent Street Senior High School

My student engagement has increased about 40% since I started learning about Unleashed Learning.

Juliana HamitVictoria University Secondary College, New teacher

Principal needs convincing?

Need some help convincing your school or principal? We’ve put together a template to help.