Collaboration Booster Cards


If you or your learning community want to boost learner engagement and strengthen the ways your learner work successfully together, our Collaboration Booster Cards are for you!


Transforming how learners work well together, one question at a time


  • Boost learner collaboration success
  • Help your learners learn how to work well together
  • Take the guess work out of effective collaboration
  • Increase learner engagement during learner collaborations
  • A system you can use for years to come.


About the Cards


✔︎  41 questions for learner and group reflection
✔︎  A template for suggested ways to use the cards
✔︎  Questions to use 1. Before they begin. 2. As they collaborate.  3. When they’ve finished
✔︎  Designed to feel like a game for your learners.




In addition to the cards, you’ll receive, on purchase, three free training videos from Dr. William DeJean.  These training videos will help you fully implement the cards and help you with a system that will boost learner collaboration.  This is an exclusive offer to online purchases valued at $150.00.

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