Make Learning Stick for Everyone


Knowing how to make learning stick for everyone might be the most important thing you know how to do. This book’s mission is to help you to learn the system that makes that happen and how to apply it in any learning environment.

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If you're an educator at a school, business or organisation who has important knowledge to share, and believe this knowledge can make a positive impact on the lives of others this book for you.

Dr William DeJeanFounder of Unleash Learning™

In Make Learning Stick For Everyone you’ll learn:

What science says makes learning stick and what to do when learning doesn’t stick.

The “delivery” of information with an approach that makes learning stick for everyone.

The one system you can apply in all learning environments.

The specific kinds of learner engagement that make learning stick.

How to affirm diversity and ensure inclusion of all learners.

Clear strategies that help you put the system into action.

Order Today and Get Your Bonus Toolkit Valued at $150

• 4 x QR Code Video Guides From The Book.
• The Make Learning Stick For Everyone Reader's Guide.
• The Ultimate Classroom Set-Up Guide.
• 5 Easy Ways to Make Online Learning Stick.
• Unleash Learning™ System Handout for Organisations & Schools.

What Others Say

For anyone whose job it is to work with, learn with, and influence others, this book will give you wonderful tools to make you significantly more effective and efficient.

Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath

Author of Stop Talking, Start Influencing

The system presented in this book gets to the heart of how we all learn and retain information best and can go a long way in supporting our most at risk students.

Dr. Nancy Dome

Co-Founder & CEO of Epoch Education

In his new book, Make Learning Stick for Everyone William models the use of the very principles, systems, practices, keys, visuals, analogies and journey that make learning stick, so that everyone who makes the good decision to read the book knows how to use them!

Dr. Richard A. Villa and Dr. Jacqueline S Thousand

Bayridge Consortium Inc and Cal State San Marcos

This gem of a book is filled with a scientifically-informed system plus strategies to help learning stick, together with pearls of wisdom that come from someone who’s life has been committed to the field of teaching and learning.

Dr. Suzy Green

Founder & CEO The Positivity Institute

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