Let's get stuck in

In this live, real-time session, you’ll learn:

● Why learner engagement is critical to making learning stick
● The specific actions learners need to take to make it stick
How to replace the old-school “delivery” of information with a stickier approach
● What science says makes learning stick for everyone
How to put the system into action through simple sticky strategies
A single sticky system you can apply in all learning environments – whether people are in the room or not.

Your team will come together with a common language and a clear
understanding of what it takes to make learning stick.


The face-to-face option

Our in-person professional learning session will help your team learn the system that makes learning stick for everyone.

Walk away with the confidence to use the system in your learning environment – whether face-to-face, online, or a blend of both.

The online option

Meet us online – wherever you are in the world – to learn the system that makes learning stick.

Get a real-time demo of what it looks like to do great professional learning online. (Spoiler: It’s the same approach that works in-person and in blended environments too).

Get the book

Get the most out of your session by ordering copies of Dr. William DeJean's book for your team ahead of time.

Get your team pumped for the session and gift them a resource they will use for years to come.

What people are saying

Unleash Learning™ brings out the best in all students, utilising practical, effective approaches, drawing on the psychology of learning and the hearts, minds and spirt of what it means to educator.

Shayne Player, Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College.  2013 Australia Secondary Principal of the Year.

I feel this has been an invaluable PD program for me and my staff.  I’ve seen so many of the strategies implemented and the discussion around Unleash Learning has given me confidence that the program will make a real difference.

Natasha Mudie.  Principal Murrayville Community College

It gave me a perspective on what is important in my teaching and how to prioritise learning so students can Lift The Weights to maximise impact.

Ross Johnson
Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College, Tumbi Umbi Campus
HT information/ I.T. Manager

I have learnt a heck of a lot from this course. At times, I feel as a teacher that I can get comfortable with doing things my way and sticking by them. I now believe you need to challenge yourself and use different strategies to unleash learning for everyone.

Joshua Dench
Copperfield College