The Unleash Learning School-Wide Plan helps you  embed the Unleash Learning™ System throughout your school and create professional learning communities of practice to build a teaching & learning powerhouse.

Stage 1


How to Make Learning Stick is an interactive professional learning session that lays the foundation for the Unleash Learning™ System and shows your entire learning community how to use the Unleash Learning™ System to make learning stick for everyone.

Stage 2


Participants will take our signature online program How to Unleash Learning to reflect upon their current teaching practices and learn how to use our evidence-based Unleash Learning™ System to make learning stick for everyone.

Stage 3


Unleash Learning Champions’ Group is for teachers and school leaders who’ve completed How to Unleash Learning. Participants work individually and as a community of practice to implement the Unleash Learning™ System into their classes and throughout the school.

Stage 4


The Unleash Learning™ Teacher Certification Program recognises and promotes teaching and learning excellence. Participants who receive certification are ideal candidates to become team leaders or Instructional leaders for the school.


A common language for high quality teaching & learning

Builds school-wide communities of practice

Works together with programs, content and strategies your school is already using

An understanding for what makes learning stick for every student in every classroom

Supports consistent and effective teaching in every classroom for every students

Data that helps you measure your teaching impact

An instructional system that can be used in any content area

Creates a lasting impact

Online Courses for Building a Teaching & Learning Powerhouse

Our programs are fully online and can be mixed with webinars, face-to-face sessions or can be customised to suit your school’s location and needs.

Whether it’s The New Teacher Companion, How to Unleash Learning, our Unleash Learning Teacher Certification Program, or our Unleash Learning School-Wide Plan, our mission is always the same:

Provide innovative online courses, based on the Unleash Learning™ System to help you create professional learning communities of practice to build a school-wide teaching & learning powerhouse.

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Create A Movement That Lasts

This is more than a professional development.

The Unleash Learning™ School-Wide Plan is designed to help you create a self-sustaining and self-organizing Unleash Learning™ community of practice throughout your school so that you can create a teaching and learning powerhouse that lasts for years to come.

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Measure Your Impact

Our Unleash Learning™ Data will help you see how Unleash Learning™ is impacting student learning.

You can then use this data to know where to make adjustments throughout each stage of the School-Wide Plan.

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Q: Do we have to do the entire plan or do it in stages?
A: No. You can begin with Stage 1 and decide to move through the Stages at the time that is right for you. Or you can stop at any Stage in the Plan.

Q: Does Unleash Learning do stand-alone professional learning sessions for a school?
A: We run a range of stand-alone professional development session. How to Make Learning Stick (Stage 1) is ideal for your professional learning days and will provide your staff with strategies they can use the next day to help make learning stick.

Q: How long does The School-Wide Plan to implement?
A: Depending on what time of the year you begin, Stages 1-3 can be completed in 1 Year. We can customise the timeline to meet your schedule and budget.

Q: How long does it take to complete the Unleash Learning™ Certification Program?
A: It’s a self-paced program, so individuals or teams working for Certification can decide how long it will take them to complete it. Participants have access to the program for 1-year. Find out more


I feel that this has been an invaluable PD program for me and my staff. I have seen so many of the strategies implemented and the discussion around Unleash Learning and have given me confidence that the program will make a real difference to the students in my school.

Natasha MudiePrincipal Murrayville Community College Murrayville, Victoria

Unleash Learning brings out the best in all students utilising practical, effective approaches, drawing on the psychology of learning and the hearts, minds and spirit of what it means to educate.

Shayne PlayerTuggerah Lakes Secondary College 2013 Australian Secondary Principal of the Year

I would encourage any school that is working on improving student engagement as a means to improving learning to seek Unleash Learning’s support. Their sessions are interesting, engaging and very applicable in the classroom the very next day.

David HollandPrincipal Cardiff South Public School

Make Learning Stick For Everyone