New teachers will learn

  • The infrastructure that unlocks consistent and effective teaching for all students
  • Structured opportunities to reflect and strengthen teaching instruction
  • Evidence-based strategies to boost student engagement
  • Successful classroom management techniques
  • A network of support that’s critical for new teach success

Ideal for

1st and 2nd year teachers

New Teacher Mentors

Your school, network or region


What we offer

The New Teacher Professional Learning Day

This lively and interactive day provides new teachers with practical strategies, frameworks and skillsets that unlocks consistent and effective teaching for all students. Participants are provided with tools and resources they can use immediately in their classrooms.


The New Teacher Webinar Series

A series 4 x 1 hour webinars based on the book “Unleash Learning”. New teachers will learn how to lay the infrastructure that is critical for new teacher success and strategies that will boost student engagement in all classrooms.


Advancing New Teachers’ Success

This comprehensive program consists of both online learning and face-to-face professional development sessions, classroom observation, coaching and year-long support. The program advances new teacher success by helping them fully set-up the infrastructure for success.

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