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Our Most Popular Workshops


How to Boost Student Engagement

This interactive session shows your entire learning community the components of how learning takes place and how all teachers can use this information to create learning sessions that boost student engagement.

The Writer’s Workshop (part 1)

This interactive professional learning series will help your teachers strengthen their writing programs by learning how to implement The Writers’ Workshop.

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The Writer’s Workshop (part 2)

In this professional development series teachers will learn to strengthen their classroom writing programs through the use of targeted data collection and analysis. Teachers will then use their data to create mini-lessons that show improvement based on these actions.

The Socially Inclusive Classroom

This workshop supports teachers to strengthen their classroom practice, through cultural awareness, competency and social inclusion. The session provides teachers with frameworks to reflect on both who they are and how they teach. The session shows how to use these frameworks to create a safe and inclusive classroom.

The New Teacher Professional Learning Day

This lively and interactive day provides new teachers with practical strategies, frameworks and skillsets that unlocks consistent and effective teaching for all students. Participants are provided with tools and resources they can use immediately in their classrooms.
Leadership to Unleash Learning

The Unleash Learning Leadership Day

To unleash learning for every student in every classroom school-wide leadership is key! This full day leadership workshop provides participants with the resources to effectively assess classroom environments, teacher effectiveness and student engagement. During the session participants will create an Unleash Learning Leadership Plan that will be used throughout the school year.

The Wellness Workshop

Your teachers and leadership teams spend most of their time and energy caring, teaching and leading others, sometimes at the expense of their own health and wellbeing.

The Wellness Workshop provides successful wellbeing strategies to enhance your staff wellbeing and ultimately maximise the ways they unleash learning at the school.

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