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Behaviour Management: Tips and Tricks to Support Student Success

Webinar June 20, 2023 3:30pm
Online $65.00 GST Inclusive


One of the challenges both new teachers and current teachers tell us about is behavior management.  It’s really hard to make learning stick for everyone when students are distracted by their phones or other students show up late, don’t bring materials, call out of turn, or are disruptive to the overall class.

In a recent survey we did with educators, behavior management was one of the top challenges they said they face.

This webinar will show you tips and tricks to limit distractions and set all students up for success.

What you’ll explore:

  1. The ONE BIG essential thing to think about when it comes to behaviour management.
  2. A simple behaviour management strategy that can get your students actually thanking you.
  3. 2 ‘Go-To’ proactive behaviour management strategies you can use immediately…that prevent student behaviour issues before they crop up.

Please bring paper and pen to the session and be on your own computer, in a quiet location.


Leaders, instructional coaches, and new and experienced teachers.

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