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Our unique approach to learning is having an impact for forward-thinking schools and businesses. Here are their stories.

“I’ve studied for a Cert 4 in workplace training and assessment. But I actually got more from the Unleash Learning tools and training!”

— Jo Maloney, Founder, Conscious Positivity

“In my experience, learning sticks when behaviours change. That’s exactly what’s happened since working with Unleash Learning. It’s been transformative.”

— Mary Chiodo-Jennings, Campus Principal, Copperfield College

“Unleash Learning shows everyone in the system how things integrate and connect. It helps everyone — whether they’re new teachers, veteran teachers or leaders.”

— Dr Richard Villa

“Unleash Learning isn’t a ‘fly in, fly out’ approach to professional learning. You’re in it for a significant amount of time. Which means you can introduce the work, embed it and spread it across the school.”

— Shayne Player, Australian Principal of the Year

“If you want to change the system and really get to the grassroots of how to create change, I recommend Unleash Learning. It’s a system that helps you shift the way you look at learning. It creates this wave of action that brings lasting change.”

— Julia Wilson, New Teacher Induction Coordinator,
San Diego Unified School District

“Unleash Learning supports teachers and leaders to learn the most engaging instructional practices. But more than that, it provides a structure

It’s not just one more thing. The Unleash Learning system puts it all together!”

— Professor Emerita Jacqueline Thousand, California State University, San Marcos

“When I use Unleash Learning strategies, all my students show up on test day.”

— Kathy Ralph, Kent Street Senior High School

“Unleash Learning reinvigorates educators. It creates conversation about — and a focus on — what really matters. I think it breathes magic back into the best job in the world.”

— Karen Steele, Baldivis Secondary College

“I’m no longer surprised by what my students can and can’t do. When I mark their exams, I kind of know how they’ll perform because I’ve already seen them ‘do’ the work.”

— Alex Moyer, Unleash Learning Certified Teacher

“When I first started teaching, I felt overwhelmed by how long lesson planning took. In fact, classroom management was my biggest challenge. Now, I can prepare and plan lessons far more effectively.”

— Clara Tran

“The Unleash Learning program has made me reflect on my teaching practice in a realistic way. I’m now better at planning good lessons — and getting all my students to ‘lift the weights’ every day. 

— Sonia Singh

“Before Unleash Learning, I honestly had no idea what I was doing sometimes! I was still trying to find my way around the classroom. 

Since starting the program last year, I’ve grown so much in my pedagogical practice.”

— Jonathan Polizzi

“I highly recommend this program to anyone in the education or corporate sector. It makes learning stick for everyone!”

— Kate Wilkie – Co-Founder, Positive Leadership

“The Unleash Learning program taught me a system that works in both face-to-face and virtual learning environments. It’s benefited my work a lot.”

— Daniela Falecki – Teacher Wellbeing

“After 20+ years of teaching, ‘Make Learning Stick for Everyone’ has been an absolute gift! The information isn’t new or groundbreaking — but the system William uses is. The book gave me the knowledge AND the practice to start using the system immediately. And I know my future students will give thanks!”

— Jo Opie – Growth Coach & Educational Consultant

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