Unleash Learning in your school

A new way forward for advancing teaching and learning, school-wide.

Does this sound like your school?

More and more is being asked of you – and it’s depleting the energy you need for quality teaching and learning?

You’re constantly trying to “keep up” with all the latest strategies, initiatives and frameworks?

You want to put teaching and learning at the top of the agenda – but other priorities are taking all the space?

In this time of overload, it can be hard to know where to put your energy to advance teaching and learning, school-wide.

Ready to advance teaching and learning across your entire school and ease your team’s stress? You’re in the right place.

Unleash Learning offers a leading-edge, holistic and inclusive approach. It’s a new way for advancing teaching and learning, school-wide.

Lower school stress and overload with systems-thinking that streamlines all your teaching efforts.

Confidently adapt and apply strategies, initiatives and frameworks – without the overwhelm.

Support teacher and student wellbeing – in service of teaching and learning. 

Ensure long-term learning for every student – so what they need to know will become theirs, for good.

Achieve school-wide alignment –everyone in the team on the same page with a shared language and direction.

Advance teaching and learning –with a broader approach that stands up to the test of time.

Unleash Learning is not another education fad. It’s the ultimate upgrade for advancing teaching and learning across your entire school.

Like a personal trainer, the Unleash Learning program works with different cohorts of your school:

  • Your entire leadership team
  • New teachers and their mentors 
  • Experienced teachers
  • Instructional coaches

…over 3 years.

The result? You’ll strengthen and embed high quality teaching and learning across your entire school, so it will last for years to come.

How it works

This is an embedded change model that ignites outcomes that last. By Year 4 you’ll have certified Unleash Leaders in your team who can keep the momentum going.

Unique to the Unleash Learning program, you’ll join a cohort of leaders and teachers from different schools. This cutting-edge approach sees you learning alongside educators from a range of learning settings – bringing fresh perspectives to open minds.

Unleash Learning cohorts open once per year for Australia and the USA.

August 6th, 2024

January, 2025

“In my experience, learning sticks when behaviours change. That’s exactly what’s happened since working with Unleash Learning. It’s been transformative.”

— Mary Chiodo-Jennings, Campus Principal, Copperfield College

“Unleash Learning isn’t a ‘fly in, fly out’ approach to professional learning. You’re in it for a significant amount of time. Which means you can introduce the work, embed it and spread it across the school.”

— Shayne Player, Australian Principal of the Year

See how it works

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