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Online Courses for Building a Teaching & Learning Powerhouse

Our programs are fully online and can be mixed with webinars, face-to-face sessions or can be customised to suit your school’s location and needs.

Whether it’s The New Teacher Companion, How to Unleash Learning, our Unleash Learning Teacher Certification Program, or our Unleash Learning School-Wide Plan, our mission is always the same:

Provide innovative online courses, based on the Unleash Learning™ System to help you create professional learning communities of practice to build a school-wide teaching & learning powerhouse.

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Take the Guesswork Out of New Teacher Success

The New Teacher Companion teaches new teachers and their mentors how to use the Unleash Learning™ System to quickly set them up for early career success. Whether you’re a school, network, district or state, the New Teacher Companion is a go-to system that supports new teacher induction, retention, and high quality teaching and learning.

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Recognise and Promote Teaching & Learning Excellence

The Unleash Learning™ Teacher Certification Program recognises and promotes teaching & learning excellence.  It’s for schools, networks, or districts that are working to support high quality teaching & learning.

The Unleash Learning™ Teacher Certification is awarded to teachers who demonstrate consistent and effective use of all aspects of the Unleash Learning™ System to ensure learning sticks for everyone.

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Measure Your School-Wide Impact

Our Unleash Learning™ Data will help you see how Unleash Learning™ is impacting student learning and will help you and your entire learning community know where to make adjustments throughout each stage of the School-Wide Plan. 

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Get Monthly Teaching and Learning Inspiration

Our FREE monthly Unleash Learning™ TV episodes helps you and your entire learning community boost student engagement and unlock consistent and effective teaching.  It’s hosted by Dr. William DeJean, founder of Unleash Learning™.

It’s filled with tips, ideas, interviews with innovative leaders in our field and important reminders for those using the Unleash Learning™ System.  Plus, when you sign up, you’ll get our FREE Ebook, the Ultimate Classroom Setup Guide.

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