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Need to shake up your learner engagement?

The way we work, learn and interact as teams has changed thanks to COVID.  Learn how to do great professional development – whether your team is in the room or not.

This interactive online program is for teams who want to learn how humans learn.

It's for organisations who do:

• Training
• Professional education.

And it works:

• Online
• In blended learning environments.

We live in an unpredictable world… But with the right system in place,
your professional learning activities can make a make a big impact.


1.  Learn the System

Learn the system that will bring the team together – whether they’re in the room or not.

2. Embed It Throughout Your Team

The teaching tools are easily embedded into your organisation’s operations. Bring people together with a shared language and approach for continuous improvement.

3.  Use It Anywhere

You’ll quickly see how easily it can work online, face-to-face and in blended professional learning environments.

Enrol now for free bonus materials:

Use PowerPoint Like a Pro

Want to end ‘death by PowerPoint’?  Learn to use PowerPoint in a way that makes learning stick – and present like a pro.

(Value $250) Free with the program

All About Note Taking

Learn the power of note taking – and what to do with your notes when you’re done – with this powerful masterclass.

(Value $250) Free with the program

What people are saying

“The program taught me a system that works in both a face-to-face and virtual learning environment which has been beneficial to my work.  It teaches simple but effective tools that anyone can use. I would highly recommend the program to any teacher, presenter or staff developer who wants to ensure learning sticks for everyone!”

Daniela Falecki
Founder – Teacher Wellbeing

“The system gets to the heart of how we all learn and retain information best and can go a long way.”


Dr Nancy Dome
Co-Founder & CEO Epoch Education

“I’d highly recommend this program to anyone in the education and corporate sectors who wants to ensure learning sticks for everyone.  The program’s ability to share complex ideas in a simple, clear way made the video content energising and inspiring and the accompanying action sheets encouraged very meaningful and relevant reflection and action planning.”

Kate Wilkie
Co-Founder, Positive Leadership & Executive Coach

Make Professional Learning Stick For Everyone