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Want Unleash Learning to present at your school, business or conference?  Here are our current topics.

How to make learning stick for everyone

For schools

How to Make Learning Stick For Everyone will help your school understand the system that makes learning stick for everyone and how to use this system to unleash learning across your entire school.

Options: 1-hour keynote / 2-hour face-to-face / 3-hour face-to-face sessions or virtual options

Audience: Schools / Networks for districts / Teaching teams / Conferences

How to make professional learning stick for everyone

For business

Knowing how to make learning stick for everyone (whether online, face-to-face or in blended learning environments) might be the most important thing staff developers, trainers and professional learning providers know how to do. This session will help unleash your team’s teaching potential and unlock the system that makes professional learning stick for everyone.  

Options: 1-hour keynote / 2-hour face-to-face / 3-hour face-to-face sessions or virtual options

Audience: Businesses who run professional learning
/ Professional learning teams / Conferences

How to turn a good school into a great school

For schools

You and your team will learn the core structures needed to move a school from good to great and the action you and your team can take now to speed up this journey.

Options: 1-hour keynote / 2-hour session / 3-hour session or virtual options

Audience: Schools / Conferences / Leadership teams / Principals / Districts or networks

How to foster equitable and inclusive teaching practices

For schools For business

To make learning stick for everyone, inclusion is key. In this half-day interactive workshop your team will explore explore how to be educators who help make learning stick for everyone.

Options: 3-hour face-to-face session

Audience: Schools / Businesses / Teaching teams

The new teacher professional learning day

For schools

Want to support your new teachers’ teaching and learning success?

This professional learning day brings your network or district’s new teachers and their mentors, together, for a day of professional learning.

Options: Full-day professional learning for new teachers and their mentors throughout your district or network

Audience: School networks / School districts

Moving from me to we: Making our wellness and wellbeing a collective opportunity.

For schools For business

Too often wellness and wellbeing are positioned as individual pursuits that one must explore on one’s own. Yet, when we intentionally and strategically turn to one another, we have increased opportunities to magnify both our individual and collective wellbeing.

In this keynote we’ll explore new ways to make your wellness and wellbeing a priority and how to move these understandings from an individual to a collective opportunity.

Options: 1-hour keynote presentation

Audience: Schools / Businesses / Teaching teams

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