This action will help unleash learning for everyone

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I know you want the best for the learners you work with.

You want the sessions you run (or sessions your teams run) to bring out the best in what is possible for all the people you work with.

Because you care about the work you do, you are strategically, mindfully and creatively creating lessons, presentation and meetings that unleash learning for everyone.

Yet, because there are so many strategies, resources and ways to do this work, at times you might feel overwhelmed or question your own effectiveness.

That is why I want to suggest one specific action you can take today, that will help you unleash learning for everyone.

It is the one action I suggest, beg and sometimes plead for many of the educators and leaders I work with to:

Buy a wireless remote…today!

Here’s why…









As a presenter, you will be freed from standing behind a podium or computer and truly engage with your audience and material.

As a teacher, rather than be tethered to your computer, you will be able to move around your classroom and work to ensure all students are lifting the weights.

As a leader, you can facilitate meetings or learning sessions that support your purist intentions rather than design sessions based on where the computer or technology is located in the room.

The world needs your gifts like never before.  By buying this simply and inexpensive piece of technology today, you can effectively use technology, rather than have technology limit the fullness of your gifts.

PS – I use a Logitech R400 wireless presenter.  It’s easy to use, connects via USB to my laptop, interacts well with PowerPoint or other comparable presentation software I use, and always works no matter the computer I’m using.

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A question for you...

What one piece of technology do you use that best helps unleash learning for the people you work with?  Or, what benefits have you found from using a wireless presenter? Please share your answer in the comments section below.

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