How to create a positive classroom

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One of the best pieces of feedback I received was a note from a person I never met.

The person had used my classroom for a weekend event and when finished left a note that simply read:  I feel inspired by being in your classroom.

Not only was I moved by the note but I was also reminded of the power our classrooms have on the people we work with.

If set up well, our classrooms can support inspiration and positive emotions for our learners.

And positive emotions are important for learning to be unleashed.

That’s why I want you to meet Rebecca.


Rebecca has created a positive classroom: a place where positive emotions, engagement, relationship and accomplishment exist.  *If you’re into Positive Psychology, I think you’ll love this interview.

Not only will you see what she’s done, but you’ll also get ideas to use for your own learning space.

If you ever struggled with how to set up your classroom, or want additional tips for learning spaces you’re planning on creating, this interview is for you.

This interview, much like the note left on my desk, reminds me once again of the power of a positive classroom.

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What do you do to create an inspiring and positive classroom or learning space? Add a comment below to share your answers.

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