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As an educator, do you ever feel overwhelmed?

Increasing workloadtime pressure or stress that teaching can sometimes cause will stop you from being the kind of educator you want to be.

That’s why I want you to meet Daniela Falecki, the founder of Teacher Wellbeing.

In our discussion, she’ll share with you simple tips and tools you can use to keep you functioning at your best.

Because when you’re at your best, you’re better positioned to unleash learning for the students with whom you work.

We’re cheering you on!

A question for you:

What’s your top go-to strategy to support your own wellbeing?  Click on comments below and inspire others.


  • Jane Allen says:

    Thanks for the opportunity. I do much the same as you Daniela. Go for a walk along the river on my own as often as I can in the working week, just look around, listen and take it all in. No listening to music or even a podcast. I guess it’s being mindful and in the moment. Once a week I go to Pilates, there is a maximum of 4 of us and we have been together with our lovely instructor for about 2 years. We talk (and exercise) but I always feeling filled to the brim after.

    • William DeJean says:

      Thanks Jane for sharing your great tips! One of the things that I think is important is that it’s scheduled into your life so it stays as a priority. Great reminder for us all!

  • Great to hear Jane, I agree with both you and William, it is these small actions that must be prioritized not put into our day as extras. Often we plan to do these things ‘if we have time’ but the fact is, these wellbeing strategies are the things that give us more emotional and cognitive time. There is a quote by Wayne Dyer that I love where her says, “I’m so busy and will have to meditate twice as much today”. Keep up the awesome work of self-care 🙂

  • Dom Coulthurst says:

    We are so fortunate to have a supportive executive who has supported a “zen den” space for 30 minutes at lunchtime where staff take turns to run meditation sessions. Staff come along when they can and we share a space with a classroom where there is space to lie down and beanbags are available – it is soooo beneficial and gives you a boost for the afternoon session!

    • William DeJean says:

      Hi Dom, it sounds like such a powerful tool for all staff! Thanks for letting us know about this. I think many people will find this useful.

  • Rhonda Creasey says:

    Walking along the lake in winter and on the sandy beach in summer, early in the morning with a girl friend is something I love to do to “top up my cup”. I try to do this every weekend. We enjoy the majesty of nature and breathe in the beauty of our surroundings while sharing the week we have just had.
    I also like to lose myself in a good book. This reorientates my thoughts and I can escape the ‘here and now’ for a little while. I just have to be careful that I can pull myself away at the end of a chapter to get back to the jobs that are waiting for me.

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