Why you should think like a wedding planner

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I want you think less as a teacher, and more as a wedding planner.

Yep, a wedding planner!

Because a wedding planner’s a master at proactively setting a scene that brings out the best in everyone.

If you think like one, you’ll have additional ways to create the conditions that unleash learning for everyone.

Here’s 4 wedding planner tricks you can use:


If you’re thinking like a wedding planner, you’ll set the scene before your “guests” arrive. If you want students working well together, arrange the tables and chairs in a way that best supports these outcomes. The key is to set-up everything well before students arrive (tables and chairs, technology, heating and cooling, lighting, etc.) so the party begins the moment students enter the classroom.


A wedding planner knows that where people sit is key. That’s why s/he creates a seating plan prior to the guests arriving. You can use this same proactive system in your classroom. An effective seating plan is essential for a reception and your classroom.


A wedding planner uses music to create a positive mood. You can too! Consider having upbeat music playing as student enter your classroom. I’ve seen some very tough students turn into playful kids by the kinds of music that was playing prior to a session starting.


How students feel as they enter the session is important. Find ways to welcome your students as they enter the classroom. Shake their hands. Sit next to students and say hello. If it’s a new group, invite students to introduce themselves to others prior class starting.

We hire wedding planners to create a memorable party. As a teacher who thinks like a wedding planner, you’ll set the stage that supports the party that unleashes learning.

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