Growth mindset: easy ways to bring it into your classroom

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Do your students ever tell you that they can’t do something or sometimes think they’re “not smart enough” or not “good at ______ (math’s science, English, etc.)?

Finding ways to unleash learning can be challenging when students have a fixed mindset.

That’s why I’m excited for you to meet Dan Haesler.

Growth Mindset is a hot topic right now, and Dan will share with you:

  • what it is
  • why it’s so important in learning
  • ways you can use it as a teaching strategy in your classroom.

* Want to listen to it as a podcast? Click → HERE

Plus, you’ll learn why yet (yes yet!) is my new favourite unleash learning word, and how you can use it to boost student learning.

If you ever struggle with student motivation or classroom engagement but are committed to creating a classroom that unleashes learning for everyone, this interview is for you.

We’re cheering you on!
William and the UL team

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