How to be ridiculously successful as a new teacher

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It can be tough to be a new teacher!

But it can also be an amazing time of exciting personal and professional growth.

At Unleash Learning we believe all new teachers, with the right tools, strategies, resources and support, can thrive in our profession. 

That’s why I’m excited to share with you my interview with Stephanie Salazar.

Stephanie Salazar is an Assistant Principal and Instructional Coach at John Purchase Public School.

Plus, she’s the founder of #PSTchat, a Twitter chat dedicated to supporting pre-service teachers around the world.

* Want to listen to it as a podcast? Click → HERE

In our discussion you’ll learn:

  1. The challenges she faced as a new teacher
  2. The rituals and procedures she put into place that helped set her up for success
  3. The advice she has for new teachers to help create early career success

If you’re a new teacher or you care about new teachers, this interview is for you. 

We’re cheering you on!
William and the UL team

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