A cure for lack of student motivation

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We know your time is precious and at Unleash Learning™ we’re committed to providing you with great tips, resources and ideas that can help boost student engagement and unlock effective teaching for all students.

That’s why I’m thrilled for you to hear from Dr. Kerry Howells.

Dr. Howells is a senior lecturer at the University of Tasmania.

I believe her ground-breaking research into gratitude in education can innovatively support student motivation and student learning in your classroom.

*Want to listen to it as a podcast? Click → HERE

In our discussion you’ll learn:

  • Why we should bring gratitude into our classroom
  • What gratitude looks like in the classroom
  • The benefits for bringing gratitude into the classroom

If you’re working to create a safe, motivating and trusting environment that includes everyone, this interview is for you. 

Thank you for the work you do for our world!
William and the UL team

PS – Click HERE to grab a free chapter from Dr. Howell’s book ‘Gratitude in Education: A Radical View’

PSS – You can also check out Dr. Howell’s website by clicking HERE

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What’s 1 practice you can take to bring gratitude more fully into your classroom? Please add your answer below and help inspire others.

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