This might be the enemy of learning

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My face turned red.

The presenter was asking people to share during the workshop.

Without warning, she picked me.

As an educator for over 25 years, you would think that I would be okay answering questions on the spot. But I’m not.

I was sitting around a large table with people I didn’t really know and was asked a relatively
personal question.

With all eyes on me and as I searched for an answer, my face turned red.

I managed to answer it. But I felt embarrassed.

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And as Thomas Newkirk reminded us, so do many of our students.

In our discussion, Thomas (Author of Embarrassment: And the Emotional Underlife of
Learning) will share with you:

  • Why we should be paying attention to the emotions that underpin learning
  •  Why he believes embarrassment might be the enemy of learning
  • Why he thinks we need to learn how to fail publicly

If you are working to boost student engagement and unlock consistent and effective teaching, this interview is for you!

We’re cheering you on!

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