An imaginative way to make learning stick

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It’s crazy that this took me years to figure out.

Once I did, not only did I see student learning increase

…but students told me that the ideas we were learning became more meaningful…

AND were sticking with them for longer.

That’s why I can’t wait for you to meet Matthew Johnstone.

Mathew is a well-known storyteller, illustrator, public speaker and formerly worked in the advertising industry.

“So what does an advertising guy have to do with teaching?”

Thing is, Matthew’s discovered that in a sense, an advertiser’s job is similar to teaching.

You have to get ATTENTION, engage your audience, and make them REMEMBER your content.

Based on his journeys as an Ad Man…

Matthew’s going to show you how he uses these strategies to unleash learning in his classrooms to great effect.

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*SPECIAL BONUS: At the end of this engaging interview, we’ve got some FREE resources from Matthew just for you!

You’ll be able to see his strategies in action.

We’ll give you the “secret link” to get these bonuses in the video.

Watch this powerful interview and get the bonuses now.

I’m cheering you on!

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A question for you...

What’s one action you could take from Matthew ideas, or if you’ve taken our online program, what are some actions you’ve already taken that relate to Mathew’s tips and ideas?

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