Want to pique student curiosity?

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Ever get that ‘bored-look’ on the faces of some of your students? It’s sometimes enough to make you want to pack your bags and go on vacation isn’t it?

Fret not, because in this video I’m going reveal a simple strategy to keep your students interested, curious and motivated to learn.

The best part is it only takes about 30 seconds to set up.  But once displayed it can:

  • pique student curiosity…
  • and unleash greater learning for all your students.

To top it off, when you apply it expertly…

The technique can be a student engagement booster.

Check out this short video in which I spill the beans on this technique.

*Want to listen to it as a podcast? Click HERE

Make sure you write in and let me know how this technique worked in your class.

I’m cheering you on!

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A question for you...

Do you use an agenda in your classroom? Or do you have a go to strategy to peak student curiosity? Add your answer below and help inspire others.

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