A surprising student motivation strategy

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Keeping all your students highly-motivated to learn would be a Nirvana for most teachers. But the truth is, motivating students isn’t always easy.

To back up this fact, in a recent Unleash Learning™ survey, student motivation was a topic that teachers told us they could do with more support.

That’s why I’m thrilled for you to meet Nicole Nossiter, the founder of Growing Strong Minds.

She’s going to share with you a surprising way to support ongoing student motivation.

In this video you’ll learn:

  • The one thing you absolutely MUST know about your students that will help keep them motivated.
  • A ‘secret approach’ to motivation that’ll keep your students engaged and excited for your lessons.
  • Some bonus strategies that Nicole uses to boost student motivation levels.

Bottom line is, if you want ALL your students to be pumped and ready to learn (I know that you do!), then this is for you. 

And know that Nicole and I are cheering you on!

Dr William DeJean

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What’s one strategy you use to keep your students motivated? Share your comments below and help inspire others.

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