3 easy ways to grab your students’ attention

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Do you ever find it challenging grabbing your students’ attention?

Ever turn into a teacher who raises his or her voice to compete with the class (gosh, I’ve done it!)?

Or do you find yourself using the same strategies when you need to grab their attention?

Well, here are 3 EASY ways to grab your students’ attention that will positively bring out the best in all students. 

If used consistently, the best part is that these strategies can:

  • Boost student engagement.
  • Keep the flow of the lesson moving.
  • Limit behaviour management challenges.
  • Save you time and energy.

If you’re working to keep all your students motivated and engaged throughout each lesson, these 3 strategies are for you.

I’m cheering you on,

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A question for you...

What strategies do you use to grab your students’ attention? Share your comments below and help inspire others.

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