Expert advice to support second-language learners in your classroom

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“This is great for all my students!”

This is a comment I hear from so many teachers who learn strategies for supporting second language learners.

But it can be hard to figure this out on your own.

According to latest figures, around one in four students in Australian schools is learning English as a second or additional language (2012 PETAA).

That’s why I’m thrilled for you to meet Dr. Robyn Moloney.

She’s an expert in Languages education and is going to offer you practical advice to support students in your class who are second language learners.

In this discussion, you’ll learn:

  • Why your students’ languages are key to learning
  • Surprising ways to support language that also supports all students
  • How to ensure EALD students feel included in your class

The best news is that her tips offer practical advice which are GREAT for all students.

I’m cheering you on!

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