These simple classroom changes = big results

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A well set up classroom can help boost student engagement, limit behaviour management challenges, and create the conditions that unleash learning for ALL students. 

But it can be tough to know what’s the most effective classroom set up.

That’s why I’m thrilled for you to hear from Dr. Sonia Singh. Sonia, who has been teaching English and ESL for 33 years and has a Phd. in Applied Linguists, took our online program How to Unleash Learning.

After she finished the program, she made a few changes to her classroom that made a BIG impact on student learning. She’s here to share them with you. 

In our discussion you’ll learn:

  • A system for effective classroom set up and design.
  • An innovative way she’s organised the content on the classroom walls.
  • Her SIMPLE classroom changes that created the BIGGEST learning results.

If you or your learning community are committed to teaching and learning excellence, I believe this is a MUST WATCH video.


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