I bet you didn’t become a teacher to chase students around who didn’t turn in an assignment?

In fact, I bet you became an educator because you believe learning, when it’s unleashed, can transform a student’s life and help our world get better.

That’s why this episode is so important.

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I’m going to share with you an EASY 3-step process you can use each time students turn in an assignment that if used consistently can:

  • Honour students who are turning assignments in on time.
  • Support students learning ways to get work done.
  • Help keep your students inspired, even if they don’t have their assignment.

We’re cheering you on!
Dr. William DeJean


What is your go-to strategy for getting students to turn assignments in on time? Share your comment below and help inspire others.

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  • Dianne Gibbs-Jones says:

    When my students have an assessment piece that will take some time to complete I set mini deadlines to help the students to get organised. I also ask the students to record their own mini deadlines, in either a hardcopy diary or some other electronic form, so that they can keep track of when each section should be completed by.
    I also use the reminder section of my whiteboard for dates when mini deadlines are coming up so that the students have a visual reminder each time they enter the room.

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