This school-wide action can transform student learning

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If you and your school are committed to teaching and learning excellence, this is a MUST watch interview.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this 7-minute interview is something you and your leadership team might want to watch together.

Elaine Hazim, an educator for 25 years and Principal of Victoria University Secondary College, is going to share with you a small change her school made that has:

  • Boosted student engagement.
  • Lessened teacher stress.
  • Increased effective use of instructional time.
  • AND improved student results.

The good thing is that it’s something you and your school can do, too.

And as Elaine says, “I don’t think we can ever go back… and I don’t think staff would allow us to go back!”

Know that I’m cheering you on!

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