Student motivation consistently tops our Unleash Learning™ teacher survey’s as a top challenge that teachers tell us they face.

That’s why I’m thrilled about this interview.

Dr. Suzy Green, founder of The Positivity Institute and Daniela Falecki of Teacher Wellbeing are here to share with you practical ways to bring out the best in ALL of your students.

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In our discussion you’ll learn:

  1. The links between wellbeing, motivation and learning.
  2. The essential skills students need to help them not give up too quickly
  3. The language to use that can boost student motivation
  4. One SECRET way to boost student engagement that will save you energy
  5. Why bringing out the best in YOU might also bring out the best in your students

If you ever find students giving up too easily or you want to boost your students motivation for learning, this interview is for you.


PS – Want more information on the Mental Toughness Curriculum – Growing Mentally Tough Teens? Click here for more information


what’s a strategy you use or your school help your students stay motivated and resilient? Share your comment below and help inspire others.

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