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In this episode of Unleash Learning TV, Nic discusses:

  • The ONE thing to know about the mental health of your students.
  • The SUPRISING students who sometimes get lost in our classroom and why that matters.
  • How we can change the “school culture” in order to support the mental health of our students.
  • Why STORYTELLING (yes storytelling!) is a way to help support the mental health of students everywhere.

If you’re committed to creating a classroom that brings out the best in all your students (we know you are!) we hope this episode provides you with additional tools to make that happen.

With deep respect,

Dr. William DeJean


What do you do individually in your classroom or what is your school doing to support the mental health and wellbeing of your students.  Some of the best comments on the comments section, so jump over there are share your wisdom.


  • Dianne Gibbs-Jones says:

    To boost well being at our school we have just purchased a support dog. Mizzi is still a puppy so is learning about being at school and with students. The plan is for Mizzi to be in the Well being staff office to help alter the mood of students – calm them down when they are angry as being angry will upset Mizzi. If they want to interact with Mizzi they need to be calm.
    Mizzi will also make visits to class rooms and be in the yard during breaks with the Well being co-ordinator when she is trained.
    One of our feeder Primary schools also has a support dog. The reports that we have received is that the students love having the dog visit their room and the teachers have noticed a change in the mood within the room. to a more positive one. There has also been a huge reduction in litter in the yard, as the students are aware if they drop anything the dog may eat it and become sick.
    It will be interesting to see what differences happen at our school with Year 7 to 9 students both in the short and longer term.

    • William DeJean says:

      Dianne, thank you for sharing this information with us. It’s so exciting to hear the impact the dog has dad and is having. Thank you for the important work you and your school continue to do.

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