How to support your students’ mental health

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In this episode of Unleash Learning TV, Nic discusses:

  • The ONE thing to know about the mental health of your students.
  • The SUPRISING students who sometimes get lost in our classroom and why that matters.
  • How we can change the “school culture” in order to support the mental health of our students.
  • Why STORYTELLING (yes storytelling!) is a way to help support the mental health of students everywhere.

If you’re committed to creating a classroom that brings out the best in all your students (we know you are!) we hope this episode provides you with additional tools to make that happen.

With deep respect,

Dr. William DeJean

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A question for you...

What do you do individually in your classroom or what is your school doing to support the mental health and wellbeing of your students. Some of the best comments on the comments section, so jump over there are share your wisdom.

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