Something important to know about your students

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You’re students will love you for this.

That’s because we believe this Unleash Learning TV episode can help support the ways you link ALL of your students with your subject matter.

When you create the link, you can increase student motivation, student engagement, and the ways you get learning to stick for everyone.

Who wouldn’t want to be in that kind of classroom?

Dr. Alice Chik and Di Alperstein are going to share with your something important to know about your students so you can unleash learning for everyone.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What you MUST know about your students
  • What’s your students’ “starting point” in learning
  • EASY ways to connect ALL of your students to your content area
  • How to affirm student diversity

If you or your entire learning community want to create a classroom where all students feel like they belong, respected and feel included (I bet you do!) this episode is for you.

With deep respect,
Dr. William DeJean

P.S To purchase the book click here or to download the ebook click here.

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A question for you...

You have students from all walks of life in your classroom? We want to know what is one thing you do to ensure all students and their wonderful identities feel like they belong in your classroom?

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