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We filmed this episode before the COVID-19 outbreak.

But I have to say, the timing of this Unleash Learning TV episode couldn’t be better.

Dr. Suzy Green is Australia’s leading Positive Psychologist and the Founder of The Positivity Institute.

Her new book, The Positivity Prescription is now here.

Her prescription can support your mental health and wellbeing.

It’s a prescription that can help you stay well in the most normal of times.

But this prescription is even more important during the times we are living.


Did you know that Unleash Learning has its own podcast? We record all our sessions so you can tune in when it suits you.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. .32 – What she wants you to know about your wellbeing
  2. 2.45 – Why teachers and leaders like could use a Positivity Prescription
  3. 3.08 – A surprising reason you might be burning out
  4. 7.03 – A way you and your school can prioritize positivity

It’s stuff I wish I had known years ago!

Dr. William DeJean


A question for you↓

As an educator, network leader, principal, district leader, what do you do to focus on your wellbeing proactively?

Add your comment below. Best response will receive a free signed copy of Suzy Green’s Positivity Prescription book.


  • Kathryn Ralph says:

    I aim to walk my dog twice a day. I benefit when I show kindness to my dog.

  • Jugvinder says:

    I have a positive outlook on life and reflect on things and issues tin a positive manner. . This keeps me happy and keep children and people a r o hundreds me happy and joyful I une into eligious music and feel peace of mind

  • This was a phenomenal episode William!
    One thing I do to take care of myself is a daily practice at the beginning of each day that includes reading some of the work of Mark Nepo (The Book of Awakening) or Richard Rohr, quiet reflections on the writings and journaling. I also find it critical to move….walking or working out in other ways. I’m really interested in Suzy’s book! All the best, Mary Kaye from Kansas:)

    • William DeJean says:

      Hi Dr. Siebert – Thank you for reminding us of the power of an effective morning ritual. It’s such a great reminder about the importance of thinking about how we start the day and the impact it can have for us for the rest of the day. Thank you for sharing. We think you’ll love Dr. Green’s book.

  • Kathryn says:

    Great video. This would be great for a whole school professional learning session.
    Regarding my mental health, I go for a swim, ring a friend and play with my pets. I have just started a gratitude journal. Each evening I write 3 things that I am grateful for, or what went well that day.
    Kind Regards,
    Kathryn Hannon

  • Kylie Tizard says:

    This is an area that after 26 years of teaching is very difficult for me. I have certainly had periods of struggling to stay in the profession. I have started to walk my dog in the bush regularly which certainly helps. I have also started being a little careful who I talk to on a professional basis. If someone is being super negative I will have a quick chat but try to not dwell in their concerns, even if I share them to some degree. Some time you justy have to let issues beyond your control, go through to the keeper.

    • William DeJean says:

      Hi Kylie – Thanks for sharing with us this important, honest insight. Setting boundaries around negativity is so powerful as is finding people who bring out the best in who we are. Such insight and power. Thank you!

  • Natalie Bourke says:

    Thank you so much for this episode. It is the first one of yours that I have watched and I found it so refreshing. Suzy has a very relatable character and the way she addresses this is so practical- so important as a teacher, particularly at this time! Since Covid-19 has disrupted our lives, I have made some changes to actually implement the things that I have known but not necessarily always prioritised. I have increased my level of exercise and time outdoors which has had a huge impact on my mental wellbeing, as well as spending more, quality time with my own children. I think the biggest change for me, however, is that I have prioritised the work that is essential and accepted that it is ok if some things get put on the backburner or scrapped altogether!

  • Alana Russell says:

    Recent events have given me a nudge to reassess and re-prioritise my activities. My regular goals around exercise and sleep were not sufficient with the changes to my routine. So I have substituted the time I spent travelling (doing a lot less of this) with walking/jogging and meditation to counteract the sudden in “sitting around” that has eventuated. So I really I check in on my health goals to see if I am staying in track or if there is a need to make a conscious change in what I am doing.

  • Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone! Thanks also to William for chatting with me about my new book! I also love Richard Rohr’s work Mary Kaye! Best wishes Suzy

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