Your wellbeing prescription w/ Dr. Suzy Green

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We filmed this episode before the COVID-19 outbreak.

But I have to say, the timing of this Unleash Learning TV episode couldn’t be better.

Dr. Suzy Green is Australia’s leading Positive Psychologist and the Founder of The Positivity Institute.

Her new book, The Positivity Prescription is now here.

Her prescription can support your mental health and wellbeing.

It’s a prescription that can help you stay well in the most normal of times.

But this prescription is even more important during the times we are living.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. .32 – What she wants you to know about your wellbeing
  2. 2.45 – Why teachers and leaders like could use a Positivity Prescription
  3. 3.08 – A surprising reason you might be burning out
  4. 7.03 – A way you and your school can prioritize positivity

It’s stuff I wish I had known years ago!

Dr. William DeJean

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A question for you...

As an educator, network leader, principal, district leader, what do you do to focus on your wellbeing proactively? Add your comment below. Best response will receive a free signed copy of Suzy Green’s Positivity Prescription book.

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