Why it takes courage to teach w/ Parker J. Palmer

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Your Unleash Learning TV season premiere is here!

And it’s an exclusive interview w/ one of the giants in the field of teaching and learning.

Parker J. Palmer is the Senior Partner Emeritus of the Centre for Courage & Renewal. Plus, his books and activism have touched the lives of millions around the world.

He’s also one of the most inspirational, influential and thought-provoking leaders in our profession.

He’s here to share with you why it takes courage to teach. 

In it, you’ll discover:

  • a SECRET for great teaching & leading. [2.20]
  • ways to stay connected your identity and integrity. [8:51]
  • what it means to have a hidden wholeness. [15:26]
  • unexpected ways depression impacted his life and work. [21:55]
  • why it takes COURAGE to teach. [35:23]
  • And more!

We hope this Unleash Learning TV or radio (Spotify or iTunes) premier supports the best in you…

…and the ways you make learning stick. For everyone.

Onwards! Dr. DeJean


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After watching the episode, why do you think it takes courage to teach?

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