Students with special needs missing out in online learning? Great tips for inclusion

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Worried that our quick jump to online learning is leaving some students behind?

If so, we’ve got a special Unleash Learning TV episode for you tackling ways to support students with special needs in online learning.

I’m interviewing Scott Huffman, the director of Student Support Services at Fullerton Joint Union High School in California.

He’s going to share with you:

  • 1.31 – Who are students with special needs (HINT:They might not be who you think)
  • 2.41 – The SPECIFIC challenges these students are facing right now
  • 7.03 – “Must know” actions you can do NOW to support students with special needs during online learning

If you’re committed to making learning stick for everyone, this episode is for you.

Dr. William DeJean

P.S Congratulations to Natalie Bourke who won a copy of Suzy Green’s book ‘The Positivity Prescription’ for the best response from 27 April blog question.

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A question for you...

What are you or your school doing to make sure that students with special needs are not left behind? Some of the best conversations take place after the episode, so jump over there and share your wisdom.

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