How to affirm diversity and support inclusion

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These times show me once again the consequences of when things aren’t just, inclusive or equitable for everyone. They also remind me the powerful part educators can play in creating a just society.

If you’re an educator

• who has important knowledge to share
• believes this knowledge can make a positive impact on the lives of others
• wants this knowledge to stick for all your learners

Inclusion is an essential key to make this happen.

Nisrine El-Choueifati a consultant trainer working with Diversity Kids. They offer a range of on-site coaching programs to early childhood centres to support the knowledge, skills and actions needed to support bilingualism and inclusion.

In this Unleash Learning™ TV episode you’ll learn:

* Her go-to definition for Inclusion.
* Inspiring ways to include everyone.
* Why your learners might not be “motivated.” Hint: It’s not what you might think.
* How to ensure you’re an inclusive educator who is reaching everyone.

May our work ensures there’s equity and that social justice sticks for everyone.


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What’s your go to strategy for action to support equal participation of all your students?

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