How to affirm diversity and support inclusion

These times show me once again the consequences of when things aren’t just, inclusive or equitable for everyone. They also remind me the powerful part educators can play in creating a just society.

If you’re an educator

• who has important knowledge to share
• believes this knowledge can make a positive impact on the lives of others
• wants this knowledge to stick for all your learners

Inclusion is an essential key to make this happen.

Nisrine El-Choueifati a consultant trainer working with Diversity Kids. They offer a range of on-site coaching programs to early childhood centres to support the knowledge, skills and actions needed to support bilingualism and inclusion.

In this Unleash Learning™ TV episode you’ll learn:

* Her go-to definition for Inclusion.
* Inspiring ways to include everyone.
* Why your learners might not be “motivated.” Hint: It’s not what you might think.
* How to ensure you’re an inclusive educator who is reaching everyone.

May our work ensures there’s equity and that social justice sticks for everyone.


A question for you...

What’s your go to strategy for action to support equal participation of all your students?

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