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Are you running online learning sessions?

Ever have trouble ensuring ALL of your learners are fully engaged?

If so, we’ve got a special 2-Part Unleash Learning TV series – How To Engage Learners Online – for you.

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Part 1 is here to help you:

1. see why ENGAGEMENT is an essential Key that makes learning stick.
2. learn a GO-TO approach that helps ensure your learners are engaged online.

If your classes are online, you develop online courses or you run webinars, this series is for you.

Dr. William DeJean


What’s one way you ensure full engagement in your online learning classes, courses, programs or webinars?

Add your comments below, and together, we can help support engagement of learners all around the world.


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  • Dianne Gibbs-Jones says:

    To “get online learning to stick” with my students I ask them to “Take 5” when watching videos. This means that they write five points from the video that they thought were important rather than just watching the video and moving on. We then share the most important points raised, from the students perspective, via our MS Teams chat – most of my students don’t want to speak in the online environment. That way students can see what other students are thinking is important and add to their notes.

    • William DeJean says:

      Thanks Dianne for once again sharing with us such great ideas. We really appreciate you explaining to everyone the ways you make this happen!

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