Want to make learning stick? These science-based tips can help

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If you lost your voice, but had to teach, what strategies would you use?

I’ve been asking educators this question for nearly a decade.

Many times the strategies they list connects to what science says makes learning stick.

That’s why I’m excited for this Unleash Learning TV episode.

Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath is an expert in the field of educational neuroscience and his new book ‘Stop Talking Start Influencing’ is here!

In this episode he’ll share with you:

• Why you should stop talking if you want to make learning stick.
• Notetaking with paper or computer? He’ll end the debate.
• Why multitasking limits the ways learning sticks.
• Teaching online? His important message to you.

I’m cheering you on!

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A question for you...

What’s one way you’re ensuring learning is sticking for all of your learners? The best response wins a copy of his book, ‘Stop Talking Start Influencing’.

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