How to decrease student anxiety during COVID times? w/ Dr Suzy Green

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If you and your team are noticing an increase in student anxiety and mental health conditions because of COVID, you’re not alone.

Here in Australia authorities are recording ‘shocking’ numbers of children suffering from mental (Sydney Morning Herald).

And it’s not just in Australia… it’s a global issue. In the Unities States, school districts are reporting increases in mental health issues with young people during this period of lock down and distance learning (NYTimes).

But is there a solution to the anxiety?  To answer, we’ve brought in Dr. Suzy Green to provide her insights.

Dr Suzy Green is a Clinical and Coaching Psychologist and Founder and CEO of The Positivity Institute. She’s the author of The Positivity Prescription and is a leader in the fields of Positive Psychology and Positive Education here in Australia.

In this episode you’ll learn:

1. Dr Suzy’s go-to definition for anxiety
2. Ways to help students decrease their anxiety during and after COVID lockdowns.
3. How to help decrease student anxiety without increasing your workload.
4. And tips you can start using straight away in your learning environment!

If you’re looking for help in lowering student anxiety during and after COVID lockdown, this episode is for you.

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