ABC’s Dr. Norman Swan answers your educators COVID questions

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To mark the one year anniversary of COVID related lockdowns, we’ve got ABC’s Dr. Norman Swan on Unleash Learning TV.

You might know Dr. Swan from his expert insights on ABC Radio’s Health Report throughout this COVID period, his Coronacast podcast, frequent appearances on ABC News and specialist feature programs.

And he’s here exclusively on Unleash Learning TV to answer educator’s COVID/post COVID related questions.

In this episode you’ll learn:

→ Is it safe for schools to reopen?
→ How parents can talk with their children to help manage their COVID anxiety.
→ His way of sharing COVID information with the public. It’s something you can use to make learning stick for everyone.
→ Returning to face-to-face professional learning? How to help attendees feel safe.
→ What ends a pandemic.  Hint…it’s not just a vaccine.
→ And more!

We hope this episode helps you navigate this COVID/post COVID time.


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