Student motivation master class part 1 With Dr Nancy Dome

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Ever struggled with student motivation?

Well, as an educator you’re not alone! To help, I’ve invited Dr Nancy Dome to Unleash Learning TV.

Dr. Dome’s a renowned speaker, educator, leader and founder of Epoch Education to Unleash Learning TV for this special 3- part series.

Join us we discuss ways to help you support the motivation of all your students!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

* Dr Nancy’s Dome’s key word that defines motivation.
* The question to ask YOURSELF to help student motivation
* The REAL reasons some students are not motived!
* What to look for if you want to support the motivation of ALL students.

We’re sure that you’ll love PART 1 and will want to share it with your community. So, feel free to share this episode!

Dr. William DeJean

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After watching part 1, what’s your ONE take away from Dr. Dome’s discussion on student motivation? Add your comments to the comments section below

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