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Are you (or your team) back to face-to-face teaching, presenting or training?

Want to know a little secret?

Your classroom or learning location might be one of the most important teaching strategies you and your team know how to use.

 When you know the secret for setting it up well, it can:

* Lower your stress
* Boost learner engagement
* Increase inclusion
* Lessen learner distractions
* And help make learning stick for everyone.

To help you use it with success, we’ve got Lisa Baker.

Lisa Baker has been a teacher, learner and researcher in the field of early childhood education for over 30 years.

And what she she’s going to share with you about the learning location can be used by anyone who wants to make learning stick for everyone.

 Your classroom or learning location is your 3rd teacher!

Cheering you on!

Dr. William DeJean

PS – know anyone back to face-to-face teaching and learning? → Please forward this to them and help support educators everywhere.


What is one thing you do in the location to help make learning stick for everyone?


Learn the 5 Essential for Teaching, Presenting or
Running Professional Learning in a COVID/Post
COVID World!

One Comment

  • Dianne Gibbs-Jones says:

    Our school has students from many different multicultural backgrounds. When we are having a special event I ask our Multicultural education aides to translate the information on posters to display around the school. This helps our students to feel that they are a part of the day, as well as let them know what the day is about. It also helps our English speaking students to be aware that our students from different backgrounds have skills and talents that they don’t.

    I am aiming to “let the walls teach” that everyone is important and is welcome at our school.

    Linked with this idea of inclusion – when I visit my children’s school I feel a sense of calm, even though there are over one thousand students on site. The gardens leading up to the General Office area, the scented candles and floral displays in the foyer, the student art work and technology on display, the comfortable chairs in the waiting area are all part of this. This implies that everyone is welcome. It is often small things which make a huge impact.

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