Lead a team? Ask yourself these 3?’s

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Because of these COVID disruptions, if you lead a team who teach, run professional learning, or present, I’ve got 3 IMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF…

1. Does the TEAM know How to Make Learning Stick for Everyone?

Let’s say you’re a business owner who has associates presenting on your behalf. Rather than “deliver” information on webinars or in face-to-face settings, does everyone know how to make your important content stick for everyone?

It’s important to remember that more information is being “delivered.” And from my own experience, much of this information isn’t creating the kind of positive behavioral change or transformative understanding for which many leaders of teams are striving.

If you want to maxmise your organisation’s IMPACT, ensuring your entire team knows how to make learning stick for everyone, its essential.

One school we’ve worked with has put this into their strategic plan for the school, ensuring the entire organisation knows that this is the focus, and everyone understands what it takes to make this happen.

2. Does the TEAM have a shared approach?

If you lead a business that runs professional learning, does everyone on the team have a shared approach for effective teaching & learning?

Do they use this shared approach when developing courses and content, present or when reflecting on practice?

A shared approach to teaching & learning across your organisation can help you embed practice in a way that ensures learning is sticking in all your learning activities.

3. Does the TEAM have a consistent onboarding of new staff?

One of the things that’s essential is when everyone knows how to make learning stick for everyone and as people onboard your organisation, that they quickly learn it too.

If you have effective onboarding of new staff who present, teach, or who run professional learning, this means the knowledge is embedded throughout the organisation.

Here’s one thing you can do now. During the interview process, always ask the applicant what they do to ensure learning stick for everyone in all their teaching and learning activities. This question can be part of the onboarding of all new staff.

If you have important knowledge to share with others, I hope these 3 questions help in the ways you make that knowledge stick, for everyone.

Dr. William DeJean

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